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Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

Whether it’s a peek of sunshine through a canopy of trees, the silhouette of a perfect sunflower, or the dusting of color in a pristine meadow, this is what LIFE looks like: often stunning, sometimes wild, and usually unplanned. At MgBoals & Associates, LLC, we know this is how life works. That’s why our entire practice is devoted to long-term care – preparing for it, educating about it, and insuring against the financial impact a long-term care event can have.  

About 70% of people over age 65 will require some type of long-term care. Will you be one of them? And will you be able to afford it if you are? The reality is that Medicare won’t fully cover this type of care, so many will have to pay for it out of their own pockets.  But what if you can't? Who will help pay for your daily care?

Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCi) exists so you don’t have to play odds or guessing games. You don’t have to risk your hard-earned portfolio. You don’t have to make tough choices about your healthcare down the road…and you won’t have to ask your family to make them for you either.

True beauty in life comes from enjoying the great times and being prepared for the rest. At MgBoals & Associates, LLC, we can help you get ready as you plan for the rest of your beautiful life. Call today, and let’s start learning more about how an LTCi evaluation can help you, your family and your future.

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