Adam Schallau Fine Art Photography

MgBoals & Associates, LLC, is proud to announce a promotional partnership with award-winning landscape photographer Adam Schallau.  From a lightning strike on the rim of the Grand Canyon to the pounding rush of gravity over a waterfall, Adam’s work is a visual reminder of both the beauty and uncertainty we all experience in our lives every day. Adam captures this dichotomy, bringing it into balance and focus with each snap of his shutter. Financial equilibrium may seem a bit tougher to achieve, but here, at MgBoals & Associates, LLC, we will help you find it.

But first, if you want to find out more about Adam, we understand! (We love his work, too!)

Adam Schallau

Adam has lived throughout the U.S., cultivating his craft in Iowa, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. A true artist, he has worked not just on film but also in pencils, oils and clay. His efforts have been utilized and honored by various print media and artistry outlets, and he has been generous enough to donate his time and images to non-profits benefitting children and those that support environmental awareness and ecological conservation.

Please enjoy this selection of Adam’s award-winning photos here on our website. We hope it makes your education about Long-Term Care a more pleasant one, helping to keep you focused on the joy and breathless beauty of your own life as we assist you in planning for the uncertainties. For more information about Adam and his photography, please visit his online gallery.