Our Approach

MgBoals & Associates, LLC is NOT simply an insurance agency, looking to form-fit you and your family into just one more insurance policy.

We know the reality of long-term care and the struggles it can represent to those who need it and those who love them. We work with individuals, couples, small businesses or corporations to design long-term care insurance benefits with your requirements and budget in mind. We don’t work for insurance companies, but for you. We have the personal and professional experience to understand your unique situation, and we customize each long-term care plan, working with a variety of top-rated carriers to offer competitive quotes and individualized services.

We also work with other healthcare, financial, insurance and wealth management professionals routinely and understand how their expertise can assist your planning needs. We'll happily provide referrals to any of these areas with the same level of mindful selectivity we bring to our own planning process.